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Distribution Domo Engineering  

We are an authorized distribution partner of DOMO Engineering Plastics GmbH:


Our DOMAMID® product portfolio includes standard PA6 and 6.6 compounds such as unfilled, filled, glass-fibre reinforced and impact modified materials, as well as special grades for metal replacement and superior aesthetics solutions, plasticised PA6, and a complete range of flame retardant products.

DOMAMID® products combine different product benefits such as high mechanical strength and stiffness, rigidity or flexibility, thermal stability, good impact resistance even at low temperature, superior aesthetic properties, low friction and outstanding  processability.

Our ECONAMID® engineering plastics range offers a complete line of sustainable PA6 and PA66 compounds, based on valuable pre-consumer fibre waste, offering high quality environment-friendly products with an excellent balance of high mechanical properties and competitiveness.

product overview

  • Polyamid 6
  • Polyamid 6.6
  • Blends


  • unfilled grades
  • glass fibre and glass beads reinforced, mineral filled products as well as impact modified grades
  • flame retardan classes (V0, V1, V2) and Yellow Card
  • UV stabilised grades, impact modified materials, food confirmation
  • low-, medium- or high-viscosity polymer types
  • MSDS, REACH, ROHS and SVHC confirmation
  • customized and have been developed in close collaboration with our business partners
  • coloured grades are available on request

Our team will advise you personally in the technical product selection and will assist you during the product envelopement.




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Our team continues to grow ...
Our team continues to grow ...

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