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Production / Grinding

We produce high-quality regrinds.
For this purpose we have:

  • 15 grinding mills with state-of-the-art technology
  • approx. 4,300 tons capacity
  • dedusting, metal separators

We gladly take materials for grinding and re-granulating or we can offer you grinding on commission, too. We can also dispose of, recycle and refine your materials.


 Production / Compounding

Whether high-quality custom-made compounds or
inexpensive regrinds. We can offer compounds in
all qualities. We manufacture on request.

  • approx. 10,000 tons capacity
  • modern plants
  • own laboratory

Standard plastics, technical polymers or high-tech compounds - we‘ve got a lot to offer!

Just ask us.

Latest news:

We invite you to the KUTENO!

We invite you to the KUTENO!


FAKUMA 2017 in Friedrichshafen
We would like to invite you to visit our booth at FAKUMA 2017 in Friedrichshafen

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